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"After knocking my hip out of wack stepping in a hole playing softball i went to physical therapy for months. It helped but my hip would still go out quite frequently and my husband would have to use the technique I learned at therapy to put it back in. I would still have pain and it would feel achy a lot of the time. Cookie came to my house once and used her Healing Energy on it. It worked wonders. After that if it was bothering me i would call her up and ask her to work on me remotely. We live 12 miles apart, I'm in CB and she's in WP. It was amazing I could feel the heat and feel the muscle tension releasing and moving around as she worked on me remotely. One night when I called her she couldn't work on me right away but said she would in a little bit. I was putting my son to bed and reading to him and I started to feel the heat. Just amazing. I haven't had to call on her services in a while. My hip will go out occasionally but I don't get the achenes and pain that I used to thanks to Healing Energy."

"I have had Cookie do energy work several times on me. I have to admit I wasn't a believer at first but after my sessions with her I felt 10x better....Mind and body. My stress level went down and I felt more at peace. Aches and pains disappeared. This lasted for days and actually after my session I continued to improve over time. Cookie can work wonders with her energy work. I highly recommend Cookie."



"I have known Cookie for a long time and have had her do energy work several times, long distance and regular. It has helped me move energy quickly! I had energy work done with Cookie then went to the chiropractor, he said I popped in places he hasn't been able to pop in years. Moving energy with cookie is amazing for your all over well being for sure!!!"


"After my session I felt such a sense of peace and relaxation. It even lasted throughout my busy day of grocery shopping with a 3 year old. I can't wait for my next session. Highly recommend."


"After winning Contest, I went today I feel wonderful spine and hips are once again aligned thank you so much Margaret. Would highly recommend"

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