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What conditions can Energywork treat?

As healing and energywork have such a wide range of techniques, in reality, there is no condition that cannot be helped with energy. Generally, energywork is helpful for stress related conditions as well as psychological a/or spiritual imbalances. Energywork is safe and non-invasive and can be used with benefit while obtaining other medical treatments for more serious conditions.

What will my first Energywork treatment be like?

This will depend greatly on the form of energywork your practitioner is using. Generally, energywork is an extremely relaxing and comforting experience. Most treatments will begin with a discussion of your current health issues and your goals for the treatment. You may then lay down on a massage table or futon or simply sit in a chair fully clothed. Your practioner will lay light hands on you in various positions and breath or concetrate the energy to heal you. 

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