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Energy Medicine
Energy is all around us, from the great vastness of the furthest reaches of the universe right down to the smallest observable particle. It makes everything manifest. It has been given many names, Chi, Ki, and Prana to name but a few. The study and understanding of this energy has captured man's fascination since the dawn of civilization.

Energetic Medicine or Energy Medicine is the practice of medicine using energy or rather the flow of energy as a medium for healing. It is based on the biophysics of the body whereas traditional medicine is, for the most part, based on biochemistry through the use of pharmaceuticals.

Energy Medicine takes the perspective that energy is a vital, living, moving force that is integral to our health, wellness, and happiness. In Energy Medicine, energy is the medicine, and energy is the patient.


Why Use Energy Medicine?
Energy Medicine stimulates healing the body, mind, and spirit in a natural & balanced way. When Energy healing occurs

many levels of the body are affected and healing can proceed in a healthy and supportive way.

A holistic way to improving your health.

Let us show you how Energy Healing can help you:

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